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NCKU Graduates are Enterprises’ Best Choice in 2008: 1,000 Firms Surveyed by Cheers Magazine


Are NCKU graduates again the first choice for the enterprises in Taiwan this year? The answer is clearly shown in the Cheers Magazine, which has conducted this kind of survey for 12 consecutive years.


In a survey of Taiwan’s top 1,000 companies’ first choice for graduates, NCKU graduates held the first place for ten years, until last year, when Taiwan University took top place.


Cheers Magazine uses eight indexes to measure enterprises’ evaluation of university graduates, namely: ‘team work’, ‘stability’, ‘attitude’, ‘international vision’, ‘foreign language proficiency’, ‘potentials’, ‘persistency’ and ‘learning ability’.


Graduates of Taiwan University are preferred for their foreign language proficiency and international vision, while those of NCKU are favored for their qualities of attitude, team work and stability.


This survey shows that enterprises, no matter which industry they belong to, place more attention upon stability and persistency, and thus on the attitude of their employees.


In addition, it is indicated in the survey that the hiring rate for new graduates was around 70 percent in 2008, the lowest in the past three years. With regard to the availability of specific posts, R&D staff (80.7%) are most in demand in the high-tech and manufacturing sectors, while sales staff remain in demand in the services and financial sectors.


The average first monthly salary for new graduates is around NT$ 25,001 to NT$ 30,000, and about 48.8% enterprises are willing to pay this much this year, in contrast to 43.8% enterprises last year. Those with undergraduate degrees on average received a first salary of around NT$ 30,000 while those with master’s degrees received about NT$ 36,000.


The main criterion for hiring, shown in this survey, is educational background, especially in the high-tech sector.


With regard to the rising number of universities and extreme variations in quality of graduates, nearly 60% enterprises said that they screened job applicants by their graduate institutions, and then by their ambitions and relevant certificates.


However, educational background represents only one aspect of an applicant’s appeal. Enterprises are increasingly concerned with their employees’ future development, so learning ability, team work and persistency are all vitally important.


In addition to the eight indexes, the survey highlighted an additional quality of interest to enterprises: flexibility. This means the ability to travel, get along with different people, and adapt to different cultures. This quality reflects the new demands of globalization.


As a new graduates, perhaps you should enhance your competitive abilities before applying to such picky enterprises.


[The text is taken from the Cheers Magazine (Issue: 2008 April).]


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