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NCKU Alumni Library Card

NCKU Alumnus Library Card Application


NCKU graduates who wish to apply for an NCKU alumnus library card shall go to the NCKU Alumni Association Center on the fourth floor of Zenda Suite at No. 2, University Road, Tainan City to complete an application form with relevant documents and proceed to receive a library card from the Circulation Desk in the NCKU Library.


The documents and procedures required for the application are specified as follows:

  1. NCKU graduation certificate (applicable with the original or a photocopy) or expired student ID card.
  2. Personal national ID card or passport.
  3. A one-inch passport photo.
  4. A payment of NT$5,000 (including a refundable deposit of NT$3,000 to the NCKU Library and a payment of NT$2,000 as a lifelong service fee to the NCKU Library or as a permanent membership fee to the NCKU Tainan Alumni Association).


* For more details on library privileges for NCKU alumni, please visit: http://www.lib.ncku.edu.tw/www2008/service/reader/alumni_en.html

Please note that library privileges for NCKU alumni do not include offsite access to licensed electronic materials (i.e., databases and e-journals).

*If your alumnus library card is lost or damaged, please bring your ID, one recent photo and a processing fee of NT$ 200 to apply for a card replacement with the Circulation Desk in the NCKU Library.



NCKU Alumni Association Center

Tel: 06-2759622 ext. 81305